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  • [ROBUST AND SECURE, 5-DIGIT COMBINATION LOCK] Our bicycle lock uses the newly developed High strength alloy materials , which is three times as strong compared to conventional alloys when it comes to cuts and durability. Only 3% of all other chain locks on the market use this material. Includes a 5-digit bicycle lock which cannot be opened without a key. Take your bike and your car with you on travel, this lock is your reliable companion on the road.
  • [PRODUCT EXCELLENCE, WIDELY RECOGNIZED] Don't waste money on other cheap cable locks. We have been operating in the car lock sector for over 20 years. This product is available in Europe and the USA. It has gained the approval of many customers. We focus on providing excellent products with the aim of creating better value for more consumers!
  • [WITH FIXING BRACKET] The product comes with a fixing bracket. It can be easily mounted around the bike seat. With the 5-digit combination lock, the product has over 10,000 combinations. The excellent PVC plastic and alloy are resistant to rust, abrasion wear.
  • [MULTI-PURPOSE] Secure your bike, motorcycle, moped, scooter, gates, fences, barbecue, lawn mower, sports equipment, outdoor equipment, tool boxes, ladders and much more! No need to worry no matter where you are. This lock will safeguard your property!
  • [120CM LONG, TOUGH AND RELIABLE] This lock is 120cm long, 20cm longer than the most common locks on the market, which allows you to lock more things. Bicycles, motorbikes, toolboxes, street lights, fences... you can lock them all without worrying that the lock is not long enough. In addition, the 12mm thickness and the newly developed high-strength alloy materials ensure that it is tough enough.

Bicycle Locker Combination 5 Digit 120cm/12mm Long

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